Platform: Android
Team size: 2
Position: Programmer, GameDesign
Time frame: 1 Month
Engine: GameMaker

What is this project about:

Who does not know this situation? Hundreds of people want to cross the street at the same time. As usual, you walk straight ahead and suddenly someone stands in front of you. The cars are already on the left and on the right other pedestrians are faced with the same problem. Everyone stands for minutes in front of each other looking wildly left and right and panicking. Then go on. It gets tight, people push and squeeze. Objects fall to the ground and the chaos is great. To make matters worse, the traffic lights turn green and the drivers honk like crazy. At the same time, one would like to command everyone to take a step to the right so that they can pass each other in order.

That's exactly this game. The player controls the pedestrians and can command them how to behave. But one command is not enough. You often have to change the orders to ensure that the people get to the other side in the fastest way possible. It's a low-demand puzzle game that runs on any Android device. Ready to take control?

On the right side are two buttons that give the command to the pedestrians in which direction they should move.




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